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Areas Of Practice

04. Investment & Finance Law

Investment & Finance Law

According to the “Capital Market Code” numbered 6362, the Turkey Board of Capital Market aims to preserve the capital market’s reliable, transparent, efficient, stable, just, and competitive status while protecting its development and the right and benefits of all shareholders. In this context, our firm commits to providing transparent, efficient, stable, just, competitive, and up to date legal consultancy services to investors and exportation enterprises in:

  1. Public offering processes

  2. Reconstruction processes

  3. International funding


While our firm provides its clients local guidance, it also presents a global perspective in legal services with its international experience and accredited network.

Investment finance consultancy is in the jurisdiction of capital market legislations in the major aspect. Still, it is also in the jurisdiction of competition law, tax law, and MASAK (Committee of Financial Crime Investigation) regulations. Therefore, we aim to complete all the necessary processes for our clients by approaching these matters from a broad perspective and taking both the legislation and the doctrine opinions into account.

Besides preventing litigation and discords with a proactive approach, our firm aims to encourage utilizing the law to create value, do the right thing, and lay a strong foundation. Thus, we strive to foresee all the advantages and risks then create a road map for our clients for every potential scenario.

We aim to build a trusting relationship between our firm and our clients by taking not only a professional attitude but also an altruist one. At the same time, we aim to get the best possible results for every shareholder at the end of our consultancy.

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