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Areas Of Practice

01. Preventive Legal Consultancy

Preventive Legal Consultancy

Preventive legal consultancy is a method aiming to analyze the legal risks of the case, thus minimizing the risk of litigation and solving problems even before they accrue.

Fundamentally there are two approaches to law affairs. One is dealing with the conflicts as they appear. This approach concerns unchangeable and objective events that have already happened. The other approach is the preventive approach. Like preventive medicine, the preventive legal approach is based on solving problems before the problem emerges. This also involves working with unrevealed therefore changeable incidents. As an old English saying states: Prevention is better than cure.

Preventive law and risk management is the art and science of predicting the jurisdiction’s verdicts in the context of cause and effect before judicial processes.

We develop strategies and policies for our clients knowing their operation areas in depth, acknowledging their needs, and paying attention to crucial elements of their situations. Particularly in contract reviewing and document reviewing, employment practices, intellectual property rights, risk management, real estate procedures and in many other areas of law, our approach aims to predict and prevent legal conflicts in order to decrease the cost of our clients in the long term.

Although success is term proportionate to costs in the global world, legal success is measured with conflicts averted rather than with lawsuits won.

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