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02.  Enforcement Law

Enforcement Law

Enforcement law is a critical discipline in the field of law such that it’s necessary for the collection of claims both are and aren’t subject to trial. Some even state that the enforcement process is more important than the judicial process.

In most cases, when one possesses a claim confirmed by a judicial decree or cases one acquires an absolute claim needless of a decree, obligors don’t cooperate. In most situations, obligors either are indifferent to your phone calls and your notices or hide their assets to make collection difficult. In these scenarios, the best strategy is to get legal representation and use the full force of the law.

When an attorney of law is involved, obligors take the situation more seriously. In addition to paying the debt in full, the obligation to pay the judicial expanses motivates the obligors to fulfill their obligations timely. In some cases, obligors with bad faith may behave misleadingly and try to hide their assets to make the collection impossible. In these cases, our firm can track down the obligors and prove the collusion of the obligors’ transactions to collect your claim.

For the side of the obligor, legal consultancy and representation are also necessary. Especially companies may have trouble paying their debts in full even when they have more assets than their debts because of the cash flow status. In situations like this, legal consultancy is critical to ensure economic stability for the company. Especially managing the concordat and bankruptcy processes in a legal and financial manner successfully would provide the company a chance to stand while letting the obligees collect their claims.

Either in banking, mobile payment, lending equipment by a leasing firm, or any sort of personal or commercial legal relationship that can be subject to a collection, our firm and expert team can provide all the services the law and the technology can offer in order to collect your claims as soon as possible.

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