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Beyaz & Yalçın Law Firm is PREDICTIVE of the legal risks of its clients by constantly updating its theoretical knowledge along with all the changes in the legislation and up-to-date precedents, takes the necessary PROTECTIVE measures in order to face fewer legal risks in the future and always stands by its clients with PROACTIVE actions by following legal and commercial trends including all technological innovations.



We offer our services by combining the qualities of our seasoned attorneys with expert advisors who are aware of the needs of the sector capable of creating reliable solutions.

In an environment where the lines in the business world are losing their clarity, success is only possible with a synthesis between the legal processes and the demands of the sector. With this awareness, Beyaz & Yalçın Law aims to be your strategic partner by developing swift and applicable solutions for their commercial goals with their expert team besides keeping up with the applications of the law in litigation.

The essential privileges of our services are being trustworthy,  being convenient for your business life's swiftness, and being understandable. On this point, we believe that taking actions without conducting a risk analysis and sharing the results of the said analysis with the client is fallacious.

In addition to these, considering most lawsuits are won or lost before even the litigation begins, we provide our clients from various sectors with preventive legal services. Thus, we prevent our clients from suffering damages by preventing legal risks even before they occur.

Our Values 01.

Prediction and Diagnosis

Foresight is the most basic building block of a legal service. Especially in preventive legal consultancy services, it is of great importance to foresee all risks before the dispute occurs.


Anticipating risks in today's fast communication and commercial relations creates a serious comfort for our clients. Evaluating the risks with the realities of commercial life, before they occur, minimizes the litigation processes. This leads to less litigation costs and avoidance of long judicial processes.

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